Our College


At Samaritan College, we welcome students into an integrated R-12 learning community. A home for all, where students feel safe to develop their identities, enveloped by acceptance and unconditional care.

On our foundations of compassion, faith and wisdom, we make self-directed decisions that build pathways to dignity and good character.

At each step, we foster wellbeing and understanding through play-based learning, personalised support and spiritual development. And we’re with students for the whole journey. Our three campuses are respectful places, where we create belonging through meaningful connections and celebration of differences.

By sharing kindness, we forge bonds of kinship that empower Samaritan students with the courage to live by their values. From our close-knit culture, students emerge as lifelong learners and capable individuals prepared to succeed and give back.

Samaritan College, a place where we form character through community.