Samaritan Community

The strength of Samaritan is our community. Made up of students, staff, parents, care-givers and grandparents. Our community is welcoming and supportive which makes Samaritan a unique and special place. Everyone connected with Samaritan College contributes to the vibrancy of the community and we welcome you to be involved.

Parent Community

There are many was to become involved in our Samaritan Community

Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in the life of the college community as fully as their family circumstances allow. The family and the college form a partnership to make the most of the learning opportunities offered to young people. Involvement in college activities sends a very clear message to our children about the priority we place on their education.

  • Joining the Parents and Friends executive committee;
  • Lending a hand at events such as our Primary Disco, Whyalla Show Food Stall or Pancake Day
  • Attending the college AGM
  • Nominating to be a Board member
  • Serving on sub-committees of the Board i.e Finance, Policy, OSHC, Uniform or P&F
  • Attending assemblies, liturgies, Masses or celebrations 
  • Assisting in Primary classrooms
  • Assisting with class excursions or volunteering to escort a teacher who travels with a school groups 
  • Offering your time working at the canteen

Little Stars

A child-centered program, strengthening the link between home and school.

Working in partnership to build confident, inquisitive individuals with a love of learning.