Student Leadership

From Reception to Year 12, personal responsibility and student leadership is encouraged through informal and formal activities.  The college recognises that we are a community of learners, thus it seeks to foster the development of leadership skills of communication and teamwork, through the Student Representative Council and subsequent student committees.

Leadership Team - Saint John's Campus

Head Students: Tom Abdelmalek and Matilda Smith 
Deputy Head Students: Lucy French and Deborah Pickering

Benedict Captains: Ethyn Hards and Taleya Huish
MacKillop Captains: Bree Puddy and Kaleb Reeves
Rice Captains: Connor Lipczyk and Nyasha Mativenga

Benedict Representatives

Year 7: Grace Cane-Sims and Rachelle Williams

Year 8: Declan Sturt and Unathi Dube

Year 9: Raffielle Williams and Ruby Giddings

Year 10: Maddelyn Ravenelli

Year 11: Mia Perry, Dylan Evans and Amy Gordon-Ramke

MacKillop Representatives

Year 7: Xavier Wright and Lacey Smith

Year 8: Patrick Kelly and Seth Morgan

Year 9: Saxon Breen and Joshua Mustchin

Year 10: Dana Free and Ayaan Shaik

Year 11: Jacqueline To and Dimitri Milovanovic

Rice Representatives

Year 7: Lila Collins and Sheree McIntyre

Year 8: Jack Hammond and Katie Smith

Year 9:  Rory Cash and Jim Collins

Year 10: Lachlan Miller and Marcel Daniels

Year 11: Miley Wilson and Thomas Hobba

Our Lady help of Christians Campus

Class Representatives

Reception Molyneux: LaDanian Jackson and Keira Mobbs

Reception Warren: Curtis Calgaret and Savannah Calverley

1/2 Connor: Zavier Robertson and Ysabella Almoete

1/2 Marschall: Milan Stoiljkovic and Evie Leech

3/4 Mayne: Madden Usher and Tara Mackenzie

3/4 Shiell: Hugo Wiercinski and Raezzielle Williams

5/6 Arcobelli/James: Russell Abdulla and Haleigh Giumelli-Brown

5/6 Marinkovich: Liam Patel and Taylor McInerney 

House Captains

Benedict: Tate Oberthur and Raennielle Williams

MacKillop: Hunter Roberts and Addison Pedley

Rice: Lucy Thiele and Saije Coleman

Mullu Mullu Gulya

Nataliah Benbolt and Russell Abdulla

Saint Teresa's Campus

Class Representatives

Reception Davies/Judd: Carter Buhlmann and Poppy Jaritz

Reception Raymond/Judd: Sonny Golding and Marlie Atkinson 

Reception Harris: Densey Cosgrove and Connor Spikin

1/2 Fechner: Bonnie Brown and Tobin Smith

1/2 Murray: Rinn Owens and Cooper Hewett

1/2 Robinson: Griffin Quist and Chloe Laube

3/4 Foran: Brax Smith and Zara Hook-Phillis

3/4 Gould: Olli Morgan and Scarlett Brewer 

5/6 Foran: Lara Giddings and Fletcher Travers

5/6 Ness: Hareish Arun and Evelyn Watson

House Captains

Benedict: Millah Molyneux and Braxton Brewer

MacKillop: Harry Morton and Fletcher Travers

Rice: Taylor Hewett and Fletcher Owens

Mullu Mullu Gulya

Jo Richards-Cowan, Kailem Miller and Lily Weetra.

S-Squad - St Teresa's Campus

Imogen-Lee Warren Emmett Hocking Xander Robson Amelia Harris
Laci Harradine Parker Skepper Lacey Boston Darcey Young
Aleira Newiss Kai Looyestyn Arthur Hocking Naya Bauilderstone
Jasper Perry Lily Watt Layla Hocking Jude Mayes
Jensen Cosgrove Grace Carter Braxton Jeromin Fletcher Owens
Tristan Knight Indiah Perry