Transition to Secondary

Transition to Secondary

Moving from primary to secondary schooling is a symbolic act that we as parents celebrate, but sometimes in a bittersweet way. We recognise the child we have known is changing and that time will now speed up.

Our role as an R-12 college, is to make transition seamless, therefore comfortable enough so that by the time year 7/8 arrives, students feel they know the secondary campus and their sense of 'belonging' is already beginning to establish a feeling of ease.

Students are given the opportunity to engage in lessons with the current staff and students at the Saint John's Campus.

Caregivers will be contacted in Term 3 the year prior to commencement regarding the transition process for incoming Year 7 students to the secondary campus. Orientation/Transition Days will be held in Term 4.

This Program is for ALL YEAR 6s INTO YEAR 7 FOR 2024 i.e. current Samaritan and non-Samaritan Year 6s.

Orientation Days will be held in Term 4.

  • Week 5 - Wednesday, November 15. Orientation Day (1pm-3.25pm)
  • Week 6 - Thursday, November 23. Full day.
  • Week 7 - Friday, December 1. Full day.

Samaritan Year 6 Transition Letter for Parents.

For extra information about starting at Saint John's Campus, especially for those families who missed a tour, please click here.

New Parents to Saint Johns Campus