Information for Families

Medical Action Plan Forms


Students with serious medical conditions must have an active Medical Action Plan on record with the College before they begin. The relevant Medical Action Plan Form or First Aid Guide can be downloaded by clicking on the links below, alternatively they can be obtained form you medical practitioner.

Families must complete the relevant Action Plan with their medical practitioner and then forward to the College for the students’ record to be updated. It is important that the College is informed of any changes to a students’ medical condition so that correct first aid response can be administered.

Please contact the front office at your campus for any assistance.


Action Plan for Allergic Reactions

Action Plan for Anaphylaxis for use with EpiPen

Anaphylaxis (severe allergy) Care Plan

Asthma Care Plan

Medical Information First Aid Plan

Seizure Care Plan

Nut Allergies

Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

Head Lice Wet Combing Technique

Student Exemption

If your child will be absent from school for an extended period of time, you must complete and lodge an Application for Exemption Form. Such exemptions from attendance of school are approved from the College Principal, and in some cases the Director of Catholic Education South Australia.

This must be completed for students who are seeking an exemption on the grounds of:

Family Travel - Holiday of less than 12 months.
Ongoing medical condition of less than 1 month.

Exemption from School Attendance