Extra-Curricular Events

To cater for the many and varied needs of each student, the co-curricular program is extensive, offering a wide range of experiences in Sports, Performing Arts, Visual and Creative Arts, Camps, Excursions and International Exchanges.

Our Yr 7 students attend a 2 night Aquatics camp in Port Vincent. The Aquatics program is run by DECD (Department for Education and Child Development) and the students are normally placed in groups of 10 per instructor. Activities include sailing, snorkelling, kayaking and windsurfing. Being an expert swimmer is not a pre-requisite for this camp.

This camp provides opportunities for students to live in shared accommodation, develop social skills and independence, challenge themselves and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. The Pt Vincent Aquatics camp certainly provides all of these opportunities for Samaritan students.

The tradition of Murray Venture is held in very high regard by out school and the community and has been celebrated in one form or another for over 30 years. Essentially it involves spending time away from the rigours of school and undertaking a week of minimal impact camping, guided bushwalking and kayaking along the Murray River.

At its core Murray Venture invites Year 10 students to develop resilience, build relationships and overcome personal challenges and return with a greater perception of themselves, a sense of gratitude for the comforts of home and a new appreciation of family and school support.

Our language and cultural studies tour to Italy enriches our Italian Progam. Whilst students have the opportunity to improve and consolidate their language skills and to practise their listening and speaking fluency. The Italian Trip allows the students a rare opportunity to experience another culture, whilst travelling with a group of classmates and teachers, at a reasonable price.  The Italian Trip is tailored to suit the students each year, however, in past years we have visited cities such as Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Pisa and Milan, to visit sites such as the Colosseum, Saint Mark’s Square, The Leaning Tower, The Last Supper and the Vatican.  Being a Catholic community, we attend a traditional mass whilst in Italy at one of the country’s beautiful churches. In previous years students have also attended three days of study at a language school in Florence.  The students come away from this journey having a whole new repertoire of life experience, such as using their language skills to order their meals and navigate public transport.  This truly is a remarkable experience!

Yr 8 to 10 Retreat

A chance for students to be with their peers, teachers and parish members exploring their relationship with Jesus, family and friends.

While staying close to Whyalla, we are removed from the school and engage in learning experiences where students are invited to pray, reflect, develop relationships and deepen their faith.

Yr 11 Retreat

Year 11 students spend two nights away from Whyalla and reflect on their call to be servant leaders in our community. They reflect on their call to serve and come closer to God through a range of activities exploring all senses of the individual, eg. artistic, physical, spiritual, moral.

Yr 12 Retreat

The importance of Spirituality Days at Samaritan College stems from our mission as a Catholic School. In their final year of compulsory education, the Year 12 students spend two nights away and relect on the important relationships in their lives, their relationship with God and future directions.

The students spend their time away from Whyalla and participate in a range of activities that help them reflect on what is important in their lives

Spirituality Days are a part of the Samaritan College Religious Education Program and students are expected to attend and participate fully.

GFG Foundation Student Programme 2024


Just a reminder that if you are interested in the GFG Foundation Student Programme, applications are now open. The program is open to students from Years 7-10. 

The GFG Foundation gives students an opportunity to understand the world of technology, engineering, maths, and science and how it relates to life, business, and industry in their own community.

In doing this, GFG also helps students with self-esteem, so they can become more confident as they near adulthood, are able to better interact with adults, communicate their ideas in a public forum and have a better sense of how they can contribute to the world and their community after they leave school.


For more information, including an overview of the program and the benefits for students, please see the following video:

If you are interested in applying for the program, please follow the link to apply. 

Applications close 15 March 2024.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Shivvaan