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School Uniform

The updated College Uniform Price List is now available.  Click here to read the latest FAQ: Changes to our primary campus uniform and our secondary sport uniform.


Letter from SACCCS

Announcement from Chair of SACCCS regarding changes to schools.  Click here


What if?...

 What if?.  ..What happens if there is a confirmed case at Samaritan College?




A new video released by SACE answering questions about and providing updates on the ATAR, end-of-year exams, special provisions and VET. Click here for the updated video.

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Little Stars

Our Little Stars Program is back! Join us at OLHCC on Tuesday's 9.30-11am. This free research-based play experience, is available for children 3-5 years and their parents.


FAQ:New Primary Campus and Secondary Sports Uniform

For information about the new primary uniform and secondary sports uniform click here