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Principal's Welcome

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Welcome to Samaritan College. We are a three campus school, catering to the Reception to Year 12 education needs of Whyalla parents and caregivers who desire an alternative, faith-filled Catholic education for their families. Our goal is to support you, as the first and ongoing educators of your children, to assist in the formation of capable, responsible, resilient and hope filled citizens.   We are student-centred in our approach, having a focus on developing the whole person. This means we do not limit ourselves to just the academics, but also foster a child’s spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development and well-being. In preparing them into responsible young adulthood, there is also an expectation that students learn about committing to community life and are therefore expected to be involved in all aspects of schooling at Samaritan. 
Developing positive and productive relationships is the key factor in creating quality learning opportunities for our students. We strive to work with the child, whether it is subject learning or working through the social education matters that will inevitably arise. Teachers and education support staff are charged with the responsibility of getting to know their students well. To understand the learner allows us to adapt learning situations to meet the needs of the individual as well as the group. With the aim of familiarity in mind, we encourage ongoing communication and will endeavour to involve you in the school life of your children in our care.

We enjoy getting to know our students and value the connectivity between primary and secondary school life that we have as a result of our 2008 amalgamation. If your goal is for your children to have the seamless benefits of one school, then Samaritan College is the only school in Whyalla closest to achieving this goal.