Catholic Education South Australia

Working at Samaritan


As a large employer in Whyalla, we offer regular employment opportunities in our three campuses.  We recognise our 'formation role' of all learners in our midst, and our staff are no exception.  Catholic Education SA has an Early Career Teacher program, which provides induction and ongoing support for the first two years.  More locally, we have an Early Career Teacher Coordinator, whose responsibility is to support staff as they transition into their roles, facilitating various inductions and acting as a mentor. 

We also encourage people to conduct their student teaching practicums with us.  Our staff act as excellent mentors, with empathy and a desire to share their experience and feedback.  It is not unusual to have a few teaching studies students at the same time with us each year.

Employment opportunities are usually advertised late Term 3, via The Advertiser and on CESA Horizons.  If you are interested in working for Samaritan, prospective employees are also encouraged to visit and introduce yourself, and submit a resume at anytime.

CESA provides some generous incentives for people moving to the country for employment.  Removal and establishment costs assist the early career teacher or young family to move their households and to settle in well in Whyalla.

All employees are subject to police check and CESA electronic screening procedures and must sign the requisite statutory declaration regarding criminal conviction.