Samaritan College Music Program

Photographs by Bec Schraber 2014_0Z8A1445.jpg

At Samaritan College we have a thriving Band Program that students can be involved in from year 5 to year 12. Students do not need any prior knowledge to join this fantastic extra-curricular activity.

The Samaritan College Band Program is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn and grow in a musical environment, where they not only develop techniques on their chosen instrument, but skills such as teamwork, communication, flexibility, resilience and an overarching sense of fun!

In 2018 the College Bands are being coordinated by Stormfront Productions.  There may be opportunities for new members to join the 2018 band.  Please contact Alison or Mark via the Front Office for more information or email:

 Band Note 2018.pdf