We are all leaders of learning at Samaritan and operate on the premise of shared leadership in the responsibility and care of children.  At various times parents may need to make contact with us.  Please refer to the diagram below for your first point of contact:

Primary Leadership

Head of Primary Lou Whitehouse  
APRIM Bernie Meixner  
School Coordinator Di Gurnett  
Religious Education Coordinator Rebecca Sinclair  
Inclusive Education Coordinator Kay Baker  

Primary Teaching Staff

OLHCC STC                   
R/1 Chelsea Leech R/1 Kristen Davies/Lisa Judd  
R/1 Stevie Smith R/1 Sharon Harris/Lisa Judd  
1/2 Kylie Fechner/Stacey Raymond 1/2 Rudell Helmers  
2/3 Jenna Bell 2/3 Jennie Ness  
2/3 Abby Thiele/Rebecca Sinclair 3/4 Kristin Murray  
4/5 Natasha Fiedler 4/5 James Baverstock  
5/6 Jenna Edwards/Kay Baker 4/5 Genevieve Foran  
5/6 Jo Arcobelli/Cassie Lewis 5/6 Natasha Free  
    5/6 Gareth Molyneux