Latest News and Events


Secondary Tours/Info Nights

Samaritan College holds it's Tours and Info Nights in June. 

Tours of Saint John’s Campus-June 4 or June 15 2pm or 4:30pm 

Info Night for all current Year 6/7s intending to do Year 7/8 at SJC in 2019. June 5 or June 13 at 7pm.


Recording Scholarship

The 2018 Whyalla Recording Scholarship is an exciting and awesome opportunity for a young original musician. Click here for more information on how to enter!


Approved 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Samaritan's Strategic Plan has been approved by College Board. Click here for this important document directing the college's next 3 years.


College Newsletter

Our newsletter has gone paperless and is now available via email or on our website. It still comes out fortnightly. If you haven't received one click here to request one or phone your campus.


Letter from the Bishop

Bishop Greg O'Kelly has circulated an important letter to the people of the Diocese. The Bishop also refers to a number of other documents which are all included. Click here to read.